I have been doing a lot of online counseling through a company called Betterhelp. As I speak with people over the internet, it is clear that this virus has taken its toll on just about everyone.

There are those that have made money off this pandemic – just look at Amazon. Everyone is now shopping online which hurts a lot of small businesses. And, of course, there are many who have been put out of their homes, lost their jobs and have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

Most of my clients are very lucky that they can work from home. Most still have some form of income. Yet, they are finding themselves more anxious about the future. When will this virus end? When will I be able to socialize with my friends and family? When will I be able to hug my grandparents and best friends?

People are missing connection and contact with others. That is why too many people are violating any public health orders or suggestions. It is not a violation of your Constitutional rights – give me a break – to wear a mask. Outside of the second amendment, most people do not even know what is in the Constitution. (And, that’s just because the NRA has made it an issue – though even that amendment has been distorted by the NRA.)

And, though I am adamant about keeping my mask on, especially when shopping, keeping my distance and washing my hands, I understand the frustration. I miss my old life too. I miss not congregating with my friends. I miss my exercise classes with others. I even miss religious services. Doing it via Zoom is just not very satisfying.

I am grateful we have a way to communicate and are not totally isolated. And, most of the country (and the world) is computer literate and can’t exist without their cell phones. So, communicating via our electronic devices is the norm. But, still, we are social animals and need connection.

The anxiety people feel is from their disconnection with others and with the loss over what many felt was a secure future. But, it will pass. With the advent of an effective vaccine and the improvement in the way we handle this virus, the question will be how do we return to connecting with others. Will we remember what we had to go through or just disregard any lessons we learned. Will we be a better nation? Will we protect ourselves from future illnesses by taking care of ourselves? Will we go back to unhealthy and uncaring attitudes?

Ask yourself these questions. What will you be like after this pandemic ends? Will you be a better and more compassionate person or not.

Stay healthy and strong and realize what you do does affect others.



We now have a new President who will take over January 20, 2021. It is time for this nation to heal from 4 years (and more) of divisiveness and anger and downright hatred. How sad that any official would condone and even encourage Americans to hate each other, let alone others of different races and creeds.

You have the right to vote for whomever you wish in an American election. But, like many, you do not have the right to interfere with the ability of others to cast their ballot nor of the bipartisan volunteers who are counting the ballots.

If you think of yourself as a true patriot and an American, you would encourage everyone to vote. You would protect those counting the ballots to complete their jobs. Afterall, the vote count could be for your candidate.

You may like the current President. Many of us have liked previous Presidents who did not get reelected. But, we did not start a civil war nor riots over this. We did not intimidate others to not vote, nor interfere with ballot counting.

Even during the 1960s and 1970s, when this country was enormously divided over a very unpopular war, we allowed the peaceful transition of power. We accepted the results even if we were unhappy with them. And, every President up until now, has been gracious and dignified in accepting the election results and welcoming the new President into office….even offering assistance. But, not this one. Why not?

So, though you may not like this blog, it is shameful that any real American President would act so infantile and childish and so utterly unAmerican as to deny results and refuse the will of the American people.

We only had one major crisis during Trump’s tenure and that is the Corona Virus. He couldn’t handle that one and even made it into a political issue. Can you imagine making Cancer or Diabetes a political disease? How silly. And, now there are over 234,000 Americans dead from a virus that is NOT the flu. That is highly contagious and deadly for many.

If he couldn’t handle this one, what makes you think he could handle anything else. He created years of chaos and such anger that it affected friendships, families, business relationships and more. That, my friends, is the mark of a someone with a severe personality disorder. It is not the American way…unless he has made it that way now.

So, it is time to heal and to accept we all have differences of opinions in many areas. But, the hatred needs to stop. Acceptance and forgiveness now is the way.

Try it.


As many of you know, my book is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook form. Perhaps you would like to know more about it and have a sample. So, here goes.

The book is about alternative healing and lots of energy healing I did to get to optimum health and out of pain. Perhaps, many of you have had a similar experience and have tried lots of unique methods like I did. Some may work. Unfortunately, many do not.

Let’s, for example, take healing waters. I tried what is known as Double Helix Water and became part of a study to see if this magical, tasteless liquid could heal me. Double Helix water was an odorless and tasteless liquid that allegedly contained millions of nanometer sized stable water clusters that have taken the form of a double helix. This is considered a solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature (though I did put it in the fridge, as it’s homeopathic). According to long term studies, this water was supposed to stimulate the body’s immune response system and repair the meridian system so that self-healing can occur. 

The Ph.D. who was doing this study in California seemed very reputable and even quite famous. He wanted to have thousands of case results so that he could have a valid study that showed what double helix water does. According to the website,, the purpose of this study is and had been, from the beginning, to simply develop a thorough understanding of water, strictly from a physics viewpoint.  

First, I had to fill out a questionnaire which asked about my health and levels of pain and location, as well as sign away my rights to sue. Then I was put in an area behind a screen and told to strip. Infrared photos of my naked body were taken by the female assistant. This was to get a baseline of where the hot spots were in my body. I had plenty of them. Wow, my head was red, too (and I was a blond at the time). Then I drank a glass of water with a few drops of the DHW. 

After waiting 15 minutes, more pictures were taken to see if there was a difference. There was. I now had some cool spots where I had hot spots before, as shown by the infrared. The doctor asked if I wanted to buy the double helix water and be part of this study to see if there was any change over the course of 3 months. Of course, I said yes – after all, it was me. I paid and took home this little bottle of double helix water. (Typically, when you are part of a study, you don’t pay. In fact, you are often paid. Silly me.)

The directions said to put 20 drops in a gallon of distilled water. I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to use 20 drops in a glass of water. I have no idea how I heard that, but I don’t even remember being told it was 20 drops in a gallon. I could have read the instructions … but no, I listened to the woman who took my naked hot photos. 

It did not remove the pain at the time. I did not follow up on the study after 12 weeks. In 2014, the whole thing was outed as quackery. The Dr. touted it as a cure for autism. I wish there were a cure for autism, but double helix water isn’t it. Nor was it a cure for my hot spots. 

This is just one of the sections from my book. If you are interested in more about alternative healing methods, take a look at the book. Better yet, buy it. Let me know what you think.


My book Pain Made Me Crazy and What I Did to Heal is now available in paperback on Amazon. You can find it under the title or my name.

Read it and let me know what you think. Post a review. Send me an email about your journey into health and what you have done to heal. What worked for you. What didn’t work?

That is what my book is all about. After suffering my own health crisis 11 years ago, I embarked on a journey to get healthy and back to my old self. The medical profession did their best, but it wasn’t good enough.

So, off I went into an exploration of alternatives.

The book is highly informative, funny and may be able to help guide you in your health journey.

Can’t wait to hear from you. You can also leave me message on my address.

Janeen Weiss


I have a new book coming out soon. It’s called Pain Made Me Crazy and What I Did to Heal. It is about my journey through supplements, herbs, alternative healing and more to make me feel good and get rid of my pains from Shingles and other health issues.

I would love to hear from others about their journey to get healthy outside of using mainstream medicine. I think it is important that others know that there are many ways to heal, in addition to taking medications. But, it is also very important to know which ones are scams and are unlikely to do much for you.

My book details the ones that worked for me and ones that didn’t. As soon as it is up on Amazon, I will inform the world. Your feedback means a lot to me.

Or, you can start telling me about your journeys now.

Stay well, wear your mask, wash your hands and keep social distancing.



I am befuddled by the overwhelming resistance so many people (especially the young) have to putting on a mask for a few moments while they are around others. What is the problem here? Is it too difficult to put something around your face or to be considerate of others?

Somehow these same people don’t have an issue with the KKK wearing full body coverings and a face mask that covers everything but their eyes. So, does that mean that not wearing a mask now means you are what?: a resistor, a racist, a Trump supporter, a Republican. What the heck does it all mean? For me, it signifies people who just are totally selfish, inconsiderate and have no regard for their own lives let alone others.

Do you wear a mask when it is cold around your face to protect you from the wind? Why? Afterall, the wind just might be a hoax. Have you ever been in the hospital and noticed that the doctors and nurses wear masks? Why? To protect what – maybe everyone? Do they wash their hands – yes. It took many years before doctors realized that washing hands between patients prevented the spread of diseases and infections. Now, it is mandated in hospitals and healthcare settings. Do you or someone you know have a problem washing your hands? Is it okay if someone near you coughs, sneezes or hacks in your general direction and neither of you have a mask on? It has never been okay and now it is even more important to cover your face to prevent that.

I just had a 5 1/2 hour flight where I, and the other passengers, had to wear a mask the entire time, as did the flight attendants. I am grateful they did. One person carrying this virus, knowingly or not, could have infected the entire plane. It was not comfortable. But, it was a minor discomfort to having a disease where I might not be able to breathe at all. Why would anyone refuse to do this except someone so self involved and dare I say, ignorant and uninformed.

This disease does not have a political party affiliation. It infects anyone that it finds who just might be a good host. And, it is finding more young people, ages 20-40, who are really great hosts.

So, to you who are assuming that over a million cases around the world and the U.S. being number one in both cases and deaths is a hoax, get off the dark web and now Russian hacked sites. Start educating yourself. How would you feel if you knew you made someone else in your family sick. If you brought home this virulent virus and it lead to a long and painful hospitalization or death of a friend or family member. Would it make wearing a mask seem so difficult then?

It’s a simple thing. And, I have no idea why it is such a problem for anyone. It is not in the Constitution that you have the right to not wear a mask. Most people don’t even have an idea what is in the Constitution or Bill of Rights anyway.

Well, there is my rant. Wear a damn mask. It isn’t a difficult thing to do. You don’t have to wear it in your car or your own home or even if you are over 6 feet feet away from someone else. And, when Walmart or any place doesn’t allow you to enter without a mask, have some respect. Your essential workers are just regular people trying to make a living and feed their families. They are subject to anyone who might be carrying any disease. Stop giving them a hard time. Either put a mask on or leave. No shirt, No shoes, No mask, No service.

Most people do wear masks and observe the rules. Most people don’t want this horrendous pandemic to resurface again and again. Everyone, no matter what political or non-political party you are in, wants to get back to work. And, I assure you, people in other countries who are suffering may not give a darn about American politics. Most of them just think we are stupid anyway. Now, many countries won’t even let Americans in because of their resistance to wear masks and the prevalence of this infection.

Listen to the experts or at least your own doctor. If you want this disease to end and to get this country and the world back to some semblance of order again, wear a mask. It really isn’t that hard. I don’t care if you like it or not. I would prefer not to wear one as well. But, I value my life and respect the lives of others. What is your excuse for not wearing a mask or not keeping social distancing? Whatever it is, it has little import when compared to the ravages of Covid-19.

If you really love your country and your family or even yourself, wear a damn mask when you are around others. Being a good American is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

I have yet to fully psychoanalyze those who won’t wear a mask. Let others do that. For now, I don’t care what your underlying psychosocial issues are or how you and your parents did or did not relate. Just do the right thing, wear a mask.


Are you frustrated having to be quarantined at home? Are you missing your former social life? Do you want to go out to eat and not sit 6 feet apart? Are you so done with wearing a face mask that you just rip it off and don’t care what happens?

Well, welcome to life with Covid-19. After Memorial Day celebrations and massive crowds, there is now a resurgence of the virus in many cities. The United States has the most cases and now, more deaths due to this virus than anywhere else in the world. Latest reports state we could have 200,000 deaths by October 2020. This is not a number to be ignored. With July 4 celebrations upon us and people swarming the beaches now that summer is here, the death toll could be even higher.

I know that neither you nor I have any desire to get sick. We are assuming because we are strong that it can’t happen to us and if it does, it will just be a mild case. You know, there is some evidence of that…if you are young, have a strong immune system and don’t hang with people who have been ill, this may be the case. But, guess what? Most people in the U.S. have poor immune systems, eat very unhealthy and get little exercise.

Those who got the sickest from Corona Virus had underlying medical conditions. Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, lung disease, and autoimmune disorders are all contributors to poor outcomes in getting through this or any other virus, regardless of age. And, according to the National Research Council, and Institutes of Medicine, Americans have one of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the world. In other words, we are not a healthy nation at all. These studies were for those age 20 and over. Clearly, just because you are young does not mean you are immune.

So, while you are shuttered at home (which most of us are not), you might consider taking this time to get healthy. Instead of adding the Corona 15 to your waist line, find ways to eat a leaner, cleaner diet. Get off the processed foods. It is NOT more expensive to eat healthy. In fact, in the long run, it is a lot cheaper. By eliminating junk foods and sugar laden carbs and putting those same dollars toward organic veggies, fruits and grass fed meats, you will come out pretty even. And, your medical bills will be lower.

Your future health depends on this. What you put in your mouth today, will show up in your brain and body over the next 20 years. And, the years go by very fast. The next thing you know you will be looking in the mirror and asking yourself how you go this way. You will also be asking yourself why you feel so sluggish.

Wouldn’t it be great to come out of this pandemic healthier, better looking, feeling more energized and even protecting your brain against memory loss. You can do it. So, besides being smart enough to keep your distance from others and wearing your masks if you can’t keep away, start researching ways to get healthy.

With a plethora of websites, there is no excuse to be ignorant of what a healthy diet is. Check out one of the 100s (yes 100s) of diets from keto to intermittent fasting (easy to do) to vegetarian and more. You can experiment with what is best for you. Make it fun. Take your family along on the ride. Do you want to be the one to care for a sickly parent or child later on when all of it might be avoidable just through changing your diet and lifestyle?

I wish you all luck. Let me know how you do. If you want any guidance, feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Surviving and Patience in the Age of the Corona Virus

Millions are currently out of work and seriously concerned about where their next meal is coming from and how they can pay their mortgage. It is a sad state of affairs to have to choose between your financial well being and your health. But, taking your anger and frustration out on healthcare workers, police, mayors and governors trying to protect you is unacceptable.

Recently, people are carrying guns in protest (and wearing Nazi flags…not very American). What are you going to do? Shoot the virus – or maybe the police or the nurses? How idiotic. How utterly mean. This is incredibly foolish and dangerous. Going out without masks and not keeping social distancing is endangering not just others, but yourself as well.

I know there is a lot of misinformation coming down off social media. I have read them. By the way, they have not only been debunked, but are downright lies. But, even if you do believe the lies, there is something out there that is killing people. And, this virus does not care about your politics, or your sex or race nor if you carry guns.

So, my question to those of you who just want everything to get back to normal and think you are immune, what would you do if you were the governor or mayor? Would you just let people resume their lives as if nothing happened? Would you not show any caring for those who are dying? Are you so concerned about yourself and yourself alone, that you do not give a damn if anyone else gets sick? How would you, if you were an elected official, handle this pandemic?

Anyone can take to the streets and complain. It takes a real intelligent leader to make a plan. I really don’t think officials are trying to hurt any of us. They want to save you, from yourself. So, what is your plan? Or is all you can do is complain?

I do my best to stay appraised of this situation. I want desperately to travel to see my new grandson and be able to hold him. But, alas, I would not take the chance for myself or my family. I wear a mask and gloves when I go out. If I’m on the beach and 6 or more feet from someone, I pull the mask down. But, I have it with me. Many don’t. It really isn’t so difficult nor confining to do this.

Like everyone else, I want this country to get back to work. It is difficult not being able to spend time with others or go to places. If I don’t get to a hairdresser soon, I may consider just letting myself go gray. But, I have to wait. And, I didn’t get any unemployment, nor that extra $1200 from Uncle Sam. I’m stuck on a limited income. But, I will be patient, as hard as it is because I don’t want to get sick. And, I care about others as well.

During World War II, British citizens had to live on rations and stay inside for years, for fear of being bombed. There may have been those who complained, but citizens did not attack citizens for helping protect them. Young Anne Frank, had to shelter in a small secret annex for two years in the Netherlands. There were 8 people being secreted in an annex fit for 2. No one could go out shopping or take a run, nor could they even yell. Where is your patience?

I believe we can slowly reopen businesses, as is being done. We are not all New Yorkers. But, New York is a good indicator of what could happen if we don’t continue to practice protective measures. So behave, be patient, and be a good American and care about your self and your fellow citizens. Wear a mask, wash your hands and stay 6 feet away from anyone.


I am of the age where I am required or, it is strongly suggested, that I shelter in place. I don’t have a fever. I do my work from home-on my computer. Not surrounded by too many others- though going to Costco the other day was definitely a less than 6 foot apart experience. (If I get sick, it’s probably Costco’s fault. )

I have gone shopping. Went out and had my haircut. Watching a lot of t.v. – boring as ever. Texting, emailing, calling friends, doing a lot of reading; some cooking and cleaning. Have definitely stocked the fridge and cabinets, but still can’t locate available toilet paper. And, have started taking a class online too. But, all this is not too much of a far cry from how I have been living my life the past few months anyway.

What would I do if there was no virus? Just going out more. What would you be doing? How different is it for many of you? If you are without work and pay, it is likely quite different. And it’s probably a good idea to get really creative now about how you manage your money and even how you are going to budget once this nightmare has passed (and it will pass). It also can be a time to meditate, create and value who and what is important in your life.

I find it a bit humorous that people are making a big stink about ‘sheltering’ when it has really only been a few days. Schools are not even closed in all states. Here, in California, the schools and libraries closed down officially between one and two weeks ago–THAT’S ALL. Vacations are longer than that. Though if you live paycheck to paycheck, it can be very frightening. But, becoming frantic about it, does not help your situation.

If you have a family, I realize many of you can’t stand to spend more than 2 hours at most with your kids or your partner and may find yourselves lovingly challenged having to deal with this situation. One way could be actually talking to each other. Finding out about what is important. Every tv station and streaming video is giving tips on how to keep busy and entertain your kids. Well, how about doing something totally different – NOTHING.

What if you learned how to and taught your family how to meditate. Think about it. Spending 10 minutes a day (or more) being totally quiet and pensive, focusing on your breath or on a beautiful object and letting your thoughts just drift by without judgement. And, the entire household does it as an experiment on togetherness.

If you live alone, you can practice it yourself. I do. It can be ‘contagious’. Once you start a regular practice, you find you really look forward to doing it everyday. What’s more, you can reap the benefits of meditation: improved health; less pain; lower blood pressure, lower anger and stress in your life leading to a happier and much healthier life; counter the effects of the aging brain (yes, it can keep you looking and thinking younger), and so much more. You gain more compassion for yourself and others. It also helps with focusing and learning – helping you and your children to function in a stressful world. And, calms both you and the kids – they can learn this early and carry it with them throughout life. Meditation even helps getting through the deep concerns you have about money. Things pop up in meditation that can clear the way for you too.

It really isn’t that hard. People say, “I just can’t do that. I’m not that type of person.” Of course you can. Anyone can. People all over the world do it. It’s just a matter of being committed and caring about yourself. Because people associate meditation with a group of orange clad monks sitting on pillows or concrete and chanting, you think you have to do it that way to meditate. Not so.

Besides being able to just sit in a quiet place, focus on your breath and count or say ‘one’ or ‘om’ or anything else you want to say, like ‘love’, ‘peace’ or say nothing at all, that’s how it starts. Take 3 deep breaths, then go back to comfortable natural breathing. When your mind wanders – and it will – it’s supposed to – just notice it, “oh, there goes my active mind again – wandering.” DON’T JUDGE IT. Bring it back to your breath or your word or an object that you might be focusing on. Set a timer for 5 minutes the first day and just NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE how it is. The second day add a minute, another minute the next day…etc. etc. When you are at 20 minutes, you will be very surprised how fast that time has gone and how wonderful you feel – and you might even want to do more. If you are doing this as a family, challenge each other to see who can sit the longest (okay, maybe this isn’t a good idea) or give a token or reward for the longest meditator – but they have to really be doing it, not just sitting (though that would be nice too.)

This too shall pass and hopefully, we don’t return to our previous normal. We have learned something from all this and it has brought us all closer and more compassionate. Keep on meditating. And, maybe this new normal of compassion and caring could go viral.

Please let me know if you do it and if you do, how it worked out for you.