In this time of stress and anxiety, people are not sure where to turn to get help. Our lives are so tumultuous now. The cost of living is higher than ever, yet wages have not kept up with the pace. Health issues are one of the major concerns in our country, while at the same time, new reports continue to surface about the dangers of what we thought were safe medications. Anxiety is the number one issue facing the psychological community today, followed by depression, phobias, stress, chronic illness, addictions and family issues. The National Academy of Sciences reports that stress leads to premature aging.

We all have problems on occasion. Most people believe they can handle their problems on their own. Some are easily handled by talking with a friend, or meditating or just with the passage of time. Not everyone needs therapy.

Other issues can be more serious, causing social, personal and occupational distress and discomfort. Trying to figure out how to resolve these issues with the same brain that got you into the mess in the first place is not usually effective. For those times, when you have tried everything and things still aren’t improving, it’s time to seek help.

Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness!!

There are also environmental factors facing all of us today for which we may have little or no control. I’m not just referring to the air we breathe, I’m talking about layoffs, feeling stuck, a family member’s illness or addiction, a complicated child, a difficult boss or co-worker, the rise in the cost of living, feeling stuck, relationship problems, chronic pain, balancing work and personal life and more. All of these factors can influence your ability to cope productively. Your self esteem is affected. Your relationships suffer. Your health may suffer.

Often we think, “I can’t do anything about that.” But, YOU CAN!! There are many ways to cope with these issues in a productive manner. Not only can you come through them, you can thrive and achieve a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. I know, because not only do I help others come through these hard times, I have used these same techniques on myself to overcome my problems. They work.

My techniques include a thorough assessment at our first session. After that, your sessions could include cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, rapid healing technique, archetypal therapy and more, followed by homework to achieve lasting results. Not only do these techniques work, they are fun and fast.

Why waste another day carrying around this anxiety over your life and your future? Isn’t it time to take control over your life and get the assistance you need?

I am committed to supporting all my clients in achieving what they need to make their lives more fulfilling and satisfying. I do a free prescreening over the phone to assess if I am the appropriate counselor for you. If I am not the right person to handle your issues, I will refer you to someone who is. Though I do not take insurance, I can help you file for reimbursement and I will work on a sliding scale for those who do not have any coverage.

I believe that all problems have a solution.

Traditional ways may not always work for your issues. Maybe you just need someone to help show you the way through the difficult times. These methods are effective and lasting. Give me a call and together, we can change your world.