I have been doing a lot of online counseling through a company called Betterhelp. As I speak with people over the internet, it is clear that this virus has taken its toll on just about everyone.

There are those that have made money off this pandemic – just look at Amazon. Everyone is now shopping online which hurts a lot of small businesses. And, of course, there are many who have been put out of their homes, lost their jobs and have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

Most of my clients are very lucky that they can work from home. Most still have some form of income. Yet, they are finding themselves more anxious about the future. When will this virus end? When will I be able to socialize with my friends and family? When will I be able to hug my grandparents and best friends?

People are missing connection and contact with others. That is why too many people are violating any public health orders or suggestions. It is not a violation of your Constitutional rights – give me a break – to wear a mask. Outside of the second amendment, most people do not even know what is in the Constitution. (And, that’s just because the NRA has made it an issue – though even that amendment has been distorted by the NRA.)

And, though I am adamant about keeping my mask on, especially when shopping, keeping my distance and washing my hands, I understand the frustration. I miss my old life too. I miss not congregating with my friends. I miss my exercise classes with others. I even miss religious services. Doing it via Zoom is just not very satisfying.

I am grateful we have a way to communicate and are not totally isolated. And, most of the country (and the world) is computer literate and can’t exist without their cell phones. So, communicating via our electronic devices is the norm. But, still, we are social animals and need connection.

The anxiety people feel is from their disconnection with others and with the loss over what many felt was a secure future. But, it will pass. With the advent of an effective vaccine and the improvement in the way we handle this virus, the question will be how do we return to connecting with others. Will we remember what we had to go through or just disregard any lessons we learned. Will we be a better nation? Will we protect ourselves from future illnesses by taking care of ourselves? Will we go back to unhealthy and uncaring attitudes?

Ask yourself these questions. What will you be like after this pandemic ends? Will you be a better and more compassionate person or not.

Stay healthy and strong and realize what you do does affect others.


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