I am befuddled by the overwhelming resistance so many people (especially the young) have to putting on a mask for a few moments while they are around others. What is the problem here? Is it too difficult to put something around your face or to be considerate of others?

Somehow these same people don’t have an issue with the KKK wearing full body coverings and a face mask that covers everything but their eyes. So, does that mean that not wearing a mask now means you are what?: a resistor, a racist, a Trump supporter, a Republican. What the heck does it all mean? For me, it signifies people who just are totally selfish, inconsiderate and have no regard for their own lives let alone others.

Do you wear a mask when it is cold around your face to protect you from the wind? Why? Afterall, the wind just might be a hoax. Have you ever been in the hospital and noticed that the doctors and nurses wear masks? Why? To protect what – maybe everyone? Do they wash their hands – yes. It took many years before doctors realized that washing hands between patients prevented the spread of diseases and infections. Now, it is mandated in hospitals and healthcare settings. Do you or someone you know have a problem washing your hands? Is it okay if someone near you coughs, sneezes or hacks in your general direction and neither of you have a mask on? It has never been okay and now it is even more important to cover your face to prevent that.

I just had a 5 1/2 hour flight where I, and the other passengers, had to wear a mask the entire time, as did the flight attendants. I am grateful they did. One person carrying this virus, knowingly or not, could have infected the entire plane. It was not comfortable. But, it was a minor discomfort to having a disease where I might not be able to breathe at all. Why would anyone refuse to do this except someone so self involved and dare I say, ignorant and uninformed.

This disease does not have a political party affiliation. It infects anyone that it finds who just might be a good host. And, it is finding more young people, ages 20-40, who are really great hosts.

So, to you who are assuming that over a million cases around the world and the U.S. being number one in both cases and deaths is a hoax, get off the dark web and now Russian hacked sites. Start educating yourself. How would you feel if you knew you made someone else in your family sick. If you brought home this virulent virus and it lead to a long and painful hospitalization or death of a friend or family member. Would it make wearing a mask seem so difficult then?

It’s a simple thing. And, I have no idea why it is such a problem for anyone. It is not in the Constitution that you have the right to not wear a mask. Most people don’t even have an idea what is in the Constitution or Bill of Rights anyway.

Well, there is my rant. Wear a damn mask. It isn’t a difficult thing to do. You don’t have to wear it in your car or your own home or even if you are over 6 feet feet away from someone else. And, when Walmart or any place doesn’t allow you to enter without a mask, have some respect. Your essential workers are just regular people trying to make a living and feed their families. They are subject to anyone who might be carrying any disease. Stop giving them a hard time. Either put a mask on or leave. No shirt, No shoes, No mask, No service.

Most people do wear masks and observe the rules. Most people don’t want this horrendous pandemic to resurface again and again. Everyone, no matter what political or non-political party you are in, wants to get back to work. And, I assure you, people in other countries who are suffering may not give a darn about American politics. Most of them just think we are stupid anyway. Now, many countries won’t even let Americans in because of their resistance to wear masks and the prevalence of this infection.

Listen to the experts or at least your own doctor. If you want this disease to end and to get this country and the world back to some semblance of order again, wear a mask. It really isn’t that hard. I don’t care if you like it or not. I would prefer not to wear one as well. But, I value my life and respect the lives of others. What is your excuse for not wearing a mask or not keeping social distancing? Whatever it is, it has little import when compared to the ravages of Covid-19.

If you really love your country and your family or even yourself, wear a damn mask when you are around others. Being a good American is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.

I have yet to fully psychoanalyze those who won’t wear a mask. Let others do that. For now, I don’t care what your underlying psychosocial issues are or how you and your parents did or did not relate. Just do the right thing, wear a mask.

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