As many of you know, my book is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook form. Perhaps you would like to know more about it and have a sample. So, here goes.

The book is about alternative healing and lots of energy healing I did to get to optimum health and out of pain. Perhaps, many of you have had a similar experience and have tried lots of unique methods like I did. Some may work. Unfortunately, many do not.

Let’s, for example, take healing waters. I tried what is known as Double Helix Water and became part of a study to see if this magical, tasteless liquid could heal me. Double Helix water was an odorless and tasteless liquid that allegedly contained millions of nanometer sized stable water clusters that have taken the form of a double helix. This is considered a solid phase of water that remains stable at room temperature (though I did put it in the fridge, as it’s homeopathic). According to long term studies, this water was supposed to stimulate the body’s immune response system and repair the meridian system so that self-healing can occur. 

The Ph.D. who was doing this study in California seemed very reputable and even quite famous. He wanted to have thousands of case results so that he could have a valid study that showed what double helix water does. According to the website, doublehelixwater.info, the purpose of this study is and had been, from the beginning, to simply develop a thorough understanding of water, strictly from a physics viewpoint.  

First, I had to fill out a questionnaire which asked about my health and levels of pain and location, as well as sign away my rights to sue. Then I was put in an area behind a screen and told to strip. Infrared photos of my naked body were taken by the female assistant. This was to get a baseline of where the hot spots were in my body. I had plenty of them. Wow, my head was red, too (and I was a blond at the time). Then I drank a glass of water with a few drops of the DHW. 

After waiting 15 minutes, more pictures were taken to see if there was a difference. There was. I now had some cool spots where I had hot spots before, as shown by the infrared. The doctor asked if I wanted to buy the double helix water and be part of this study to see if there was any change over the course of 3 months. Of course, I said yes – after all, it was me. I paid and took home this little bottle of double helix water. (Typically, when you are part of a study, you don’t pay. In fact, you are often paid. Silly me.)

The directions said to put 20 drops in a gallon of distilled water. I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to use 20 drops in a glass of water. I have no idea how I heard that, but I don’t even remember being told it was 20 drops in a gallon. I could have read the instructions … but no, I listened to the woman who took my naked hot photos. 

It did not remove the pain at the time. I did not follow up on the study after 12 weeks. In 2014, the whole thing was outed as quackery. The Dr. touted it as a cure for autism. I wish there were a cure for autism, but double helix water isn’t it. Nor was it a cure for my hot spots. 

This is just one of the sections from my book. If you are interested in more about alternative healing methods, take a look at the book. Better yet, buy it. Let me know what you think.

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