Surviving and Patience in the Age of the Corona Virus

Millions are currently out of work and seriously concerned about where their next meal is coming from and how they can pay their mortgage. It is a sad state of affairs to have to choose between your financial well being and your health. But, taking your anger and frustration out on healthcare workers, police, mayors and governors trying to protect you is unacceptable.

Recently, people are carrying guns in protest (and wearing Nazi flags…not very American). What are you going to do? Shoot the virus – or maybe the police or the nurses? How idiotic. How utterly mean. This is incredibly foolish and dangerous. Going out without masks and not keeping social distancing is endangering not just others, but yourself as well.

I know there is a lot of misinformation coming down off social media. I have read them. By the way, they have not only been debunked, but are downright lies. But, even if you do believe the lies, there is something out there that is killing people. And, this virus does not care about your politics, or your sex or race nor if you carry guns.

So, my question to those of you who just want everything to get back to normal and think you are immune, what would you do if you were the governor or mayor? Would you just let people resume their lives as if nothing happened? Would you not show any caring for those who are dying? Are you so concerned about yourself and yourself alone, that you do not give a damn if anyone else gets sick? How would you, if you were an elected official, handle this pandemic?

Anyone can take to the streets and complain. It takes a real intelligent leader to make a plan. I really don’t think officials are trying to hurt any of us. They want to save you, from yourself. So, what is your plan? Or is all you can do is complain?

I do my best to stay appraised of this situation. I want desperately to travel to see my new grandson and be able to hold him. But, alas, I would not take the chance for myself or my family. I wear a mask and gloves when I go out. If I’m on the beach and 6 or more feet from someone, I pull the mask down. But, I have it with me. Many don’t. It really isn’t so difficult nor confining to do this.

Like everyone else, I want this country to get back to work. It is difficult not being able to spend time with others or go to places. If I don’t get to a hairdresser soon, I may consider just letting myself go gray. But, I have to wait. And, I didn’t get any unemployment, nor that extra $1200 from Uncle Sam. I’m stuck on a limited income. But, I will be patient, as hard as it is because I don’t want to get sick. And, I care about others as well.

During World War II, British citizens had to live on rations and stay inside for years, for fear of being bombed. There may have been those who complained, but citizens did not attack citizens for helping protect them. Young Anne Frank, had to shelter in a small secret annex for two years in the Netherlands. There were 8 people being secreted in an annex fit for 2. No one could go out shopping or take a run, nor could they even yell. Where is your patience?

I believe we can slowly reopen businesses, as is being done. We are not all New Yorkers. But, New York is a good indicator of what could happen if we don’t continue to practice protective measures. So behave, be patient, and be a good American and care about your self and your fellow citizens. Wear a mask, wash your hands and stay 6 feet away from anyone.

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