What a time we live in when so many people are so angry over everything. I was angry today over some horrible customer service I received. What a nightmare that was. It took hours to get it resolved and I ended up posting a negative review. That was my outlet. I”m not angry anymore. It’s over. And, it was something I could do something about.

Turns out most people get angry over things they cannot control and just feel powerless. Like politics. Unless it’s November, you haven’t got much power over what politicians and/or billionaires are doing. So, what do we do – we get angry, mad, frustrated. Some people reach for substances that are deleterious to their health and minds. Some turn their anger inward and do physical self harm or harm others.

What happens when anger is how we react in everyday life. Not just angry over things we have no control, but anger at loved ones, co-workers, bosses, wait staff, and dare I say, customer service people. So, why is it?

The main reason is that people seem to have this innate need to be right. Now if you need to be right and I need to be right, how does that work? That means I am wrong and you are wrong. Again, how does that work? It doesn’t. If you didn’t have the need to be right about almost everything, how would your life be?

For me, letting go of being right makes me calmer, happier and able to function in life a whole lot better. So, to sum this up – forget about being right all the time. Tell the other person – okay – you’re right (even if they’re not) and no argument. Are you yelling at the tv – it’s because you are right and they are most assuredly wrong. Change the channel. It stops.

Yes, there are many things wrong in the world. But, getting angry and turning yourself into knots and making everyone around you miserable, is not an answer.

There are ways to have a productive ‘argument’…a better way to communicate. But for now, just let go of having to be right all the time. Arguments will end immediately. Go for a walk and know you are okay the way you are.