Everyday we hear or read about some employee issues. There is a new thing now called Resenteism (a word that has yet to be included in dictionaries of any kind). There was always something known as Presenteeism at work, which sort of meant that you came to work physically but weren’t there mentally or otherwise – you were just collecting your paycheck and basically giving your boss nothing. There is also a meaning that you come in when you actually have a legitimate reason to stay home (illness, etc.) Either way, you are non-productive.

It seems that the expectation that employees have from their employers or potential employers has gotten out of control. Yes, you have the right to a respectful, healthy, non-bullying workplace. And, you should be paid a living wage and one commensurate with your workload. However, lately employees make all sorts of demands on the workplace. It seems the younger generation and the Millennials have unrealistic and insane expectations of what a job is and what it ‘should’ give them.

So, for the benefit of both the employee and the employer, remember it is a job (not your life). Hopefully, you, as an employee, are treated with respect and paid commensurate with both your abilities and your productivity – and not dependent on your gender. If you find it is something you like and are good at, and it pays your bills, then be the best employee you can be. If there is true injustice – not that you just don’t like a co-worker – advocate to make a change. If it’s just your opinion and has nothing to do with your workload or even the reputation of the company, learn how to accept and shed positive energy onto the situation. Find your fulfillment outside your job. Your passions might not pay the bills, but they have a right to full expression.

Maybe you like to paint or sing or dance. Work may just not be the place for it, unless you work at a dance studio. Do this outside of work and guess what, you will enjoy your work more and find it a better place to spend your 8 or 9 hours a day.

If you are the manager or owner, please make sure to treat your employees with dignity and kindness. Remember to acknowledge their efforts. Without them, you wouldn’t have a company. They make it possible for you to have what you want, I assume. Employees leave their jobs because they are mistreated and/or not acknowledged for the work they do (on your behalf). When employees are rewarded with a ‘thank you’, a ‘you did a great job’ maybe a $10 Starbucks card, they feel appreciated and their opinion of the work place is greatly improved. And, you, as the boss – well you reap a lot of rewards for this.

With many people choosing to work from home or occasionally going into the office now, things have changed greatly. But, no matter where you are working, appreciation, consideration and respect make an incredible difference in the workplace and the workforce.