I have come to the realization that there are many things I just don’t care about – yet social media and the media in general keeps telling me I am supposed to care. You know, like how others think or feel. Am I supposed to care about your gender or how you refer to yourself? I actually do not care what you call yourself, be it he/she/they/whatever. Give me your name and I will call you by that. Why should I have to be invested in your preference? Do you care about mine? Why should you. That’s my business. I respect your right to call yourself whatever you want. But, please do not make it my business.

Do I care what bathroom you use? Not really. I have one bathroom in my home. It is not labeled with nice little pictures of a male or female. I actually let anyone who needs to use my bathroom. So, I don’t care about that. It is your battle if you need to fight about having a place to pee and are prevented from that. Is it right – NO. Preventing anyone from being able to express their bodily functions is truly wrong. However, if that is your issue, you need to deal with it. I just cannot join the bandwagon to fight this battle (which in my opinion – is utterly inane to begin with).

Every time I go online, there is another issue that someone on social media believes I should get invested in – be it a strike, someone else’s rights having been violated, the weight of a celebrity, Megan Markle and on and on and on. Why?

I have my own issues. How much of my life should be invested in your issues if I do not know you, have absolutely no relationship with you nor want to expend my energy to take up the cause that is yours and possibly yours alone.

There are so many people and things I do care about – my family, friends, my neighborhood, my clients, the climate, my health. These things affect me directly. But, please stop getting in my face about taking up your causes. You see, I just don’t care.

Write me and let me know if you agree, disagree or don’t care.