Food and Your Moods

Though I have not written in awhile, I am back – hooray. Hope someone is reading this besides me. I’ve been out for two main reasons: my website locked me out and the computer went kafluey for over 3 months – took me 5 trips to Geek Squad to get it fixed.

But during this time, I have been studying to become an integrative nutrition health coach through IIN – a great online education to become an integrative health coach – something the world is going to need more of as we become an increasingly obese and unhealthy world. I am doing the 6 month accelerated program – regular program takes a year. I’m very impressed with all they teach regarding both primary and secondary food.

Primary food is NOT what you put in your mouth. It’s your relationships, your finances, your career, spirituality, home environment, home cooking, your overall health, exercise, your social life, education, your career and the amount of joy in your life. Secondary food is everything you put in your mouth and, hopefully, digest.

The importance of primary food cannot be overestimated. Even when you are not the best eater, if you have a great support system and community, your health is better. Today, we are suffering from an epidemic of Loneliness. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram just don’t cut it. We need face to face contact while not being on our phones or laptops. We need to connect to be healthy.

Though I will continue to write more about food/mood/health/happiness and a good life, take the first step in your life. Get out of your comfort zone and out of your home. Go do something with or for someone else. Talk to others. Smile at someone. Reach out. Share a meal. Do a favor. Go visit someone who is unable to get out. Notice how much better and joyous you feel.

You don’t need to do this all at once. Little by little. Notice how it affects your own health and disposition. Break out of that “sit home, watch Netflix, play computer games” habit. You can always go back to it. But, I assure you, you will feel and love the change once you take a leap and connect. May not happen immediately – but please, don’t give up. It’s worth it for your life and your health and happiness.

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