Getting Angry Too Often?

Do you find yourself getting angry for no reason – or maybe you have a reason and have a hard time controlling the anger. Is it time to see a professional about this? Is it time to go on medications (I hope not) or is it time to take a look at your diet.

Anger and food are closely aligned. Anger is associated with the liver, in Chinese medicine. And, the liver is responsible for processing all the poisons out of your body – along with a few other functions. If you have been putting in too much junk, alcohol, sugar and processed foods along with lots of medications and even supplements into your body, your liver may not be able to process it well. The result, you feel like poop and it can come out as anger towards others and even towards yourself.

So, if you, your partner or even your children have a hard time controlling their anger, take a look at your diet. Try eliminating processed foods and decreasing sugar and alcohol intake for a week and just notice if it makes a difference.

And, as always, contact me if you want more information or would like to consider having a health coach. Email me at Care enough about yourself to get healthy.

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