Gratitude Journaling Makes Life Better

Been unable to get into my site, and I’ve been lazy, but back on now and ready to just post my opinions and guidance once again.

I make a point of requesting that my clients do a Gratitude Journal everyday. Just buy an inexpensive little book that you can put daily entries in and keep it private, it’s nobody else’s business what you write.

Everyday, write, don’t type or put it in your phone, what you are grateful for that day. You start out saying: “Today, I am grateful for:” and then you can list a few things or just one thing that you are thankful for. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be a beautiful tree or sunset that you noticed that day. It could be a tasty meal. Or it could be something big like winning $20 on your lottery ticket. Try to put down something different everyday. If it’s just one thing, write down why it was so meaningful for you.

Some people just list a bunch of things. That’s not necessary. It’s your journal. Write what works for you. Then close with ‘thank you for all this and more.”

You might just notice that the more you are grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful for…every single day. This is also a mindfulness exercise. It keeps you focused on things you notice everyday that you are grateful for. Great for keeping the brain focused and growing.

If you miss a day – okay. Just try to do it as often as possible. Most people report that they notice a positive difference in their lives when they continue to do journaling. Oprah talked about gratitude journals years ago. I think I paid a smidgeon of attention at that time, but it always stuck in my mind. Now, not only do I practice what I preach, I make it a regular homework assignment for clients.

Try it. It’s easy to do. Can be done anytime during the day (I prefer writing before bedtime). It’s your journal. Make it yours.

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